Pamela Simon-Jensen‘s childhood was equally divided between Paris and Los Angeles.  She was influenced by Europe’s classical arts, and LA’s contemporary pop culture.  She took to painting at a young age.  She was greatly exposed to art through her family and her grandfather Norton Simon’s  art collection.  She serves as trustee of the Norton Simon Museum.  Pamela Simon-Jensen received her BA from Brown University and studied filmmaking at UCLA graduate film school.  For independent expression she returned to painting, evolving from figurative work to abstraction.  These paintings are expressionist and intuitive gestural abstractions.  Color, line, and texture describe rhythms, movement and emotion- dynamic cycles from explosion to calm, contrasting eruption and containment.   The work is at once vigorous and delicate. Inspiration is drawn from the grace and rhapsody of dance, the drama and comedy of human emotions, and the contemplative and restorative qualities of the Pacific Ocean.  Pamela Simon-Jensen is based in Santa Monica.



Santa Monica Art Studios, “Before Me”, Community Room, May-August 2012
Santa Monica Art Studios, Art Walk, March 2012
Santa Monica Art Studios, Anniversary Show, October 2011
“Tracks, Traces, and Folds”, 418 Bamboo Lane Gallery, Chinatown, LA, February 2007